Fashion & Style

Color & Shape



Do you ever wonder which clothes and colors are more suitable for you? Let me show you the colors that will give you a natural radiant glow and outfits that will make you feel empowered.

This service includes a digital book containing:

  • Your color palette

  • Your wardrobe guide

  • Your accessories manual

  • Your celebrity icon 

In addition and for a limited time only:

  • The Color Combination Guide

  • List of best makeup colors for your blush and lips

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wardrobe styling

Is it possible to go shopping without leaving your home and without using your credit card? Yes! It is called Shop-your-closet. Together we will choose up to seven different outfits (with accessories) from your wardrobe. In addition, we will give you a digital lookbook with pictures of all these new incredible outfits.

In short, this service includes 

  • Digital Lookbook

  • Two casual outfits

  • Two evening outfits

  • Two office outfits

  • One special occasion outfit

This service has a duration of three hours on location. In case you need more hours, this is still possible for an extra fee.

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Personal Style



Are you tired of looking at yourself in the mirror giving you the lowest score on your day-to-day looks? StyleME will make sure that your reflection in the mirror will be the best version of you. Only top scores looks from

now on, guaranteed! 


This service includes a digital book containing:

  • Personal evaluation

  • Color analysis

  • Style revelation

  • Body shape diagnosis

  • Haircut and style suggestions

  • Best fitting clothes and accessories

  • Inspirational looks

  • List of must-haves

By the end of this service, you will receive an everyday nude makeup tutorial for beginners, completely free! 

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Shopping strategy


If you spend hours at the mall without knowing what to buy, feeling overwhelmed with so many options, this means that you have not heard of this service.


The goal of this service is to give you the knowledge on shapes, colors, fabrics and lengths, in order for you to make well-informed purchases. We will make a shopping tour visiting the shops that best match your style, your looks and your budget. Shopping was never that easy! 

This service includes:

  • Personal Evaluation

  • Shape Diagnosis 

  • Color Analysis

  • Style Revelation

  • 3-hour shopping tour

As a special gift, you will receive a custom made StyleME reusable bag with a surprise inside.  

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